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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How to Bypass user authentication during webui debug
Am 08.03.2013 06:47, schrieb Stephan Kulow:
Am 08.03.2013 06:16, schrieb cheyw:
Dear All

Now I Encountered a problem about debugging webui.

I follow the steps at the debug website
when I access 'localhost/project/list_public' or something else after
execute the "script/server", the browser is always showing me that
"Unauthorized access, please login" and so on .

As we know, at this time there is no any user in database. How can I bypass
the problem ? Or I did something wrong ?

This depends on what you want. What you can do is start the test api
(./script/start_test_api) and then configure config/options.yml to use
localhost:3203 as api location

Oh, I forgot: the test api has several users preconfigured you can
choose from - depending on what you want to debug (king is admin, adrian
is reviewer, Iggy has subprojects, etc)

def login_tom
login_user('tom', 'thunder')

def login_Iggy
login_user('Iggy', 'asdfasdf')

def login_adrian
login_user('adrian', 'so_alone')

def login_king
login_user("king", "sunflower", false)

def login_fred
login_user("fred", "geröllheimer")

Greetings, Stephan

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