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[opensuse-buildservice] Triggering package rebuilds upon each `git push` and acceptable service use
first of all, thanks for providing a great service -- I'm happy that I can
build packages for a ton of distributions from just a small set of input files.

I've learned that it's possible to automate the rebuilds in a pretty impressive
way -- starting with a proper _service file [1] takes care of fetching the new
sources and adding a wrapped curl command [2] as a post-receive hook triggers
the rebuilds on each push to my git repository.

However, I suspect that using the public OBS instance as a poor-man's CI system
is not what you guys really want people to do. Given that I have enabled
essentially all repository configurations which are currently supported, I can
imagine that receiving a request for a full rebuild of 20 versions of a package
ten times a day is something that is behind the threshold of the acceptable use.

Could you please either tell me "hey, just do that, it's fine, we have plenty of
power", or name a reasonable limit on how many rebuilds a day I can ask for? I'll be
happy to limit the rate to, say, one request per minute/hour/day/week/month/year/... if
that's what is acceptable.

With kind regards,


[2] The relevant part of the post-receive hook (behold the shell XML handling,
oh yes!):

echo -n "Triggering the OBS rebuild... "
OBS_REQ_RESULT=$(curl --user jkt-git-auto-requestor:XXX -X POST -H
"Content-Length:0" -s -S

if [[ "${OBS_REQ_RESULT}" == "<status code=\"ok\" />" ]]; then
echo " OK."
echo " Error: ${OBS_REQ_RESULT}"

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