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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] [OBS Bug?]4 new "pseudo" requests, and encoding got changed?
Am 09.11.2012 09:07, schrieb Stephan Kulow:
Am 09.11.2012 03:20, schrieb Marguerite Su:

1. I checked my home (home:MargueriteSu) and devel:languages:python

they all claim that they have 4 new requests.

but clicking into it, you'll got none (for my home) and 2 requests (for d:l:p)
I've seen this as well, and I even have an idea what causes it, but
right now we're having too many regressions in 2.4 that are more severe
than that.

So please file all issues that are not blocking you from work as issue
in and we fix them as soon as we can.
OK, that bug was pretty easy to fix actually.

2. Before this update, I have some Chinese in my home description. but
now seems they're encoded as UTF-8 random characters.

Same here.
This one is very, very tough. ruby 1.8 and the old mysql driver did not care at all about the
encoding, so everything was utf-8 without anyone saying so. But now we have ruby 1.9
and mysql2 and they are very strict about it. The random charachters you see are the original
string - when you retrieve them as latin1 and display them as utf-8, they look chinese to me.
But I played a while with the problem and can't find an obvious way to transfer the data.

Googling around found some possible solutions that involve transforming the SQL dump,
but then everyone with a OBS deployment would have to do that -> not so great. If someone
has an idea, that would be great :)

Greetings, Stephan

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