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[opensuse-buildservice] Cannot make changes to "configuration" of a OBS 2.3 instance

I was hoping to debug this problem in detail and probably, provide a patch to
fix the problem. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to do either and I just
wanted to make sure that this problem was known before the final release of OBS

If you login to a OBS 2.3 instance as "Admin" or a different user that has
"admin" privileges, you'll see a "Configuration" page in webui's home page. In
this form, if you make a change to "description" or "title" fields and submit
the form, you'll receive "Failed to save configuration" error message.

In the api log, you'll see something like this:

[INFO |#26067] Processing ConfigurationsController#update (for ::1 at
2012-04-03 03:08:40) [PUT]
[INFO |#26067] Parameters: {"title"=>"My Open Build Service",
"description"=>" <p class=\"description\">\r\n The <a
href=\"\";>Open Build Service (OBS)</a>\r\n is an
open and complete distribution development platform that provides a transparent
infrastructure for development of Linux distributions, used by openSUSE, MeeGo
and other distributions.\r\n Supporting also Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat
and other Linux distributions.\r\n </p>\r\n <p class=\"description\">\r\n
The OBS is developed under the umbrella of the <a
href=\"\";>openSUSE project</a>. Please find further
informations on the <a
href=\"\";>openSUSE Project wiki
pages</a>.\r\n </p>\r\n\r\n <p class=\"description\">\r\n The Open Build
Service developer team is greeting you. In case you use your OBS productive in
your facility, please do us a favor and add yourself at <a
wiki page</a>. Have fun and fast build times!\r\n </p>\r\n"}

[FATAL|#26067] Suse::ValidationError (request validation error: Start tag
expected, '<' not found):
lib/opensuse/validator.rb:166:in `validate'
lib/opensuse/validator.rb:47:in `validate_xml_request'

If I understand the code correctly, then the webui isn't sending a well formed
XML request to api and Nokogiri doesn't like it - I know that's obvious :) But
I couldn't figure out how to solve this problem and thus I shall let the
experts handle this.

The above log was taken from one of the latest OBS appliances downloaded from
openSUSE:Tools:Unstable running 2.2.992 versions of obs-api and obs-server


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