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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] [PATCH] [build] Map Debian ARM arches to OBS

On 28/03/12 09:20, Adrian Schröter wrote:

Thinking again on the way to work about it, I think the following is the
right approach:

1) Take your patch as is (done) ;)

2) Keep schedulers running on armv7l only, because we have just one pool of
systems to build
for. The same machines can handle armv7 softfp and hardfp (is this right?,
I am no expert in arm

Depending on the hardware, but yes if CPU is ARMv7, it should be able to
run/handle hard, soft and softfp code in appropiate environments.

For our openSUSE arm distro:

3) Define default _cpu_target as armv7hl, so we get also .armv7hl.rpm packages

4) Trim our rpm on arm to handle armv7l and armv7hl as equivalent.

5) extend library depend&provides handling with a "(hf)" extension to be able
to distinguish
between hardfp and softfp packages on the same installation.

Note: The last point 5) would make our rpms incompatible with the ones
from Fedora. But
it is IMHO the only way to handle mixed installations and the fedora
way is IMHO
technical just wrong.

I would be happy to hear some more opinions on this.

Sounds nice and fine, but half-way. In Debian/Ubuntu distros, we name it
'multiarch' the capability to handle cross-arch dependencies, it mainly
attempts to tackle a couple problems: one, would be runtime problem,
where you get enough foreign architecture libraries installed to run
your application, either because hardware supports several ABI (i.e.
running 32-bit flash player on 64-bit machine); and second being able to
install enough libraries and headers for foreign arch and be able to use
a cross compiler to cross-build packages against those headers. It needs
some tweaks on the toolchain, packaging system, proper packages and FHS
changes. If you like to know more about it, please read

Hector Oron

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