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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Reworking the enduser software search part III, Appstore
On 23.03.2012 18:23, Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
Hello Thomas,

some comments that I have after a quickly look at the new
software-search part of obs are:

- Office: Looking at the apps inside "Office" I believe the word
Productivity make sense too, maybe "Office& Productivity"

- The name "openSUSE Apps", Humm I don't know another name, but as we
have a advance icon that allow users to search apps for other distros
like CentOS, RH, ... maybe to have a more general name instead of
"openSUSE Apps" makes more sense, openStore, openApps, openShop, I
don't know, this is just some suggestion, also having an more general
name could bring more users from other projects and distros. My vision
is pretty similar with what has happened with openSUSE Build Service
that has changed to open Build Service.

We must differentiate between the package search and the appstore-like
category browsing. The search is searching the whole obs and gets results from
all distributions that are build there, so it's not openSUSE specific, although
the default
search distribution is openSUSE 12.1 which can be changed in the search options.

The app browsing is based on appstream data that is currently only generated for
openSUSE Factory, and so it is openSUSE specific. When more distributions
support it
(for example 12.2) we need to see how to present this. Maybe as seperate
per distribution, or merged and show he available versions in the app lists.

- maybe Education and Science instead of a Education alone. I'm
thinking about some medical and some sientific apps. Where to include
it? I don't know, and maybe is not necessary too.

The app browsing startpage needs design work anyway, what's currently online is
a first
draft from me. I changed the headlines as you suggested.

- I see xsane as office or productivity or even Tools instead of
Multimedia, of course can be inside multimedia too, but I really
believe that makes more sense for office or productivity.

The app browser just shows what the obs provides. So if a package is in the
wrong category
please check back with the package maintainer so he can fix this.
(To get the maintainer of a package you can use for example: osc maintainer
openSUSE:Factory xsane)


Thomas Schmidt (tom [at]
openSUSE Boosters Team
"Don't Panic", Douglas Adams (11.03.1952 - 11.05.2001)
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