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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] openSUSE:Tools dropped 11.3 repo already?
On 1/25/2012 8:30 AM, Claudio Freire wrote:
On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 5:46 AM, Brian K. White<brian@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Having a repo that builds against a given old OS version, and tracks
packages as long as it can, and simply stops updating packages once they can
no longer be built in that environment, but does not delete those final
package versions whatever they were, is very valuable for years afterwards.

Good point.

So, you're saying openSUSE:Tools should add DISCONTINUED:openSUSE:11.3.

It would be nice. But it would be nice _for me_ if every repo did that. I _loved_ it when kotd was doing that. But I have to admit it would multiply the space requirements rather a lot and I'd rather have some OBS than no OBS.

It would also not really help very much with some packages if they are already not buildable on 11.3 etc. For instance, package foo might have started out building for os11.3 at foo1.0 when os11.3 came out.

2 years later foo is up to foo3.1 and still builds for 11.3 without problem.

Then foo3.2 comes out and somehow no longer is buildable on 11.3, or at least not without real effort. Maybe it requires newer autoconf or gcc or who knows what...

At that point, in my own obs home repo where the various older targets have already been existing a while, my 11.3 repo has foo3.1 forever, and my 11.4 and above have foo3.2 and newer.

But now that foo has already changed to 3.2, if I were to create my os11.3 repo _today_, I would _not_ be able to have a foo3.1. I would only have the current foo3.2 spec file and src.rpm and they would not build on os11.3 and so I'd have nothing, just the foo1.0 that os11.3 originally shipped with, and even then I'd only have that _if_ os11.3 happened to actually include foo in oss or non-oss.

There is no git/svn-like history of old spec files and src.rpm's you can refer back to. (I would love that!)

So adding the discontinued build targets would be nice yes, but just understand what adding it today will and will not get you.

Some stuff will be buildable with little or no effort, some stuff will be buildable with a little effort, some stuff will be unbuildable or only with more effort than anyone will do. That's some value already.

But at least half of the value only comes from having had it in place already since before that OS version goes EOL when every single package built perfectly, and maintained continuously after that so that as upstream packages and their current spec files go incompatible, at least the last-built binary packages are left behind, and their matching src.rpms which includes the all important spec file, so those binary packages are documented and reproducable also.

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