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[opensuse-buildservice] running source services on accepting requests or just copying results
Hi all,

As already mentioned as a side comment in a previous mail I found a
regression with the new source services in 2.3 that asks for a

I realized that when accepting requests of packages using source
services the services are not run on the accepted package. Michael
mentioned that the idea might be to copy the results of the original
package (to get accepted) instead of rerunning them. This makes sense
to me but unfortunately this result copying neither takes place, thus
leaving the accepted package in a broken state. Only a manual run of
source services will bring it back to life.

Thus two things needed to be done:

1. Discuss what is the intended behavior. I see the already mentioned options:
a) source services are rerun
b) source service results are copied from the originating package
I personally don't have a very strong opinion which one is the
better solution as long as at least one of them is implemented. Thus I
would like to hear the opinion of those people that have a strong one
plus the opinion of the people that did the original design.

2. Fix the issue in the direction that was the result of the previous
discussion. I might be able to help if the relevant code is easy
enough to understand to follow the semantic intentions that are behind

You can see a broken example for this problem on in
project home:schiele:treesbug_base, package zlib, which was modified
in a branch and then submitted back. As you can see the source
services were not run, nor their results copied from the branch.
That's why it is currently still in failed state. I could fix this by
triggering a source service run manually but I decided to leave it as
such in case someone wanted to have a look into it for debugging.

I will now start looking into the code myself and try to get a better
idea on what is going on there. My current (still relatively
uneducated) guess is that the code might be confused again about the
difference between the srcmd5 of the package without source services
run and those having them run and thus instead of copying the sources
for the package with source services applied, copying the verbatim
package. But better pointers are as usual always welcome!

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