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[opensuse-buildservice] Brute force removing of repositories
Hi all,

Many people branch stuff from Banshee repositories, and now I can't do
maintenance on the repositories because of some branches (I want to
remove builds for older distributions). This situation is making
maintenance a chaotic experience and this are the options someone
offered to me:

1. Contact the people who did the branches and ask them to remove them

Now, I have far better things to do with my time than going on wild
goose chases... For starters the maintainers of serious projects
shouldn't have to deal with this, otherwise implement a solution that
allows us to block proejcts for branches or that branches require
authorization from the project maintainers so we don't have to deal
with this situation.

Why should we continue maintaining stuff for openSUSE when this kind
of situation are making our life's into a living hell ? So far the
only person who branched stuff from Banshee main repositories who
contacted me regarding that was Greg KH for Tumbleweed. That's the way
it should be... I'm aware of Greg's needs and I can take decisions not
to injure his efforts... But there's like a zilion more of branches
from people I've never heard from...

This is not making my life easier. What's the secret recipe for brute
force removing all the stuff I don't want in those repos regardless of
the branchers positions ? (assuming they have one, I'm not contacting
a trillion people)... It's not the first neither the second time that
I never get replied... so I need a way out or I swear a lot of stuff
is going orphaned.

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