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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Multiple build description files

On 2011-09-08 18:14:59 +0200, Ruediger Meier wrote:
I have a minor problem with local building packages which are setup for
both deb and rpm:

cd ~/devel/osc/home:rudi_m:devel-snap/truffle

$ osc --version

$ ls
debian.changelog debian.control debian.rules
truffle_0.1.0.git27.dd53.orig.tar.gz truffle.changes truffle.dsc

$ osc build openSUSE_11.4 x86_64
Multiple build description files found: truffle.spec, truffle.dsc

So it just complains about that and exits.
And this is the annoying workaround:

$ mv truffle.dsc truffle.dsc.away
$ osc build openSUSE_11.4 x86_64
[all good]
$ mv truffle.dsc.away truffle.dsc
$ mv truffle.spec truffle.spec.away
$ osc build Debian_6.0 x86_64
[all good]

Use "osc build <repo> <arch> <descr>" (for instance
"osc build openSUSE_11.4 x86_64 truffle.spec").

There are no probs with that package on OBS server.

Could this be fixed somehow?

Hmm osc could parse the buildconfig and check the "Repotype"...

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