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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS Logo

On 04.08.2011, at 11:47, Helen South wrote:

Hope you like it ;-)

No - it's really ugly

I don't mean to sound negative, but would rather be blunt and just save time
on this discussion vs bikeshedding

There's a difference between bikeshedding and being plain rude.


The design is a little spartan and the composition with the text
doesn't quite work.

I really like the factory ... and the text is not perfect ... true. Maybe
somebody else has an brilliant idea?

Personally I quite like the industrial overtones; could you make a
building shape like that look as though it was made of glass? A while
ago people were talking about trying to find an English equivalent for
'transparent factory' or 'glass factory'.

You mean a kind of reflection on the sides of the "building"? Could look

However given the rudeness of people's reactions, I'm not sure why you'd

By the way, whatever happened to the awesome city skyline design that
someone created for last year's conference?

You mean the one made by Javier for a conference t-shirt? Skyline of Nuremberg?
Maybe I have it somewhere here. But I'm sure Javier has it.
I really liked the proposal.



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