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[opensuse-buildservice] Build Team Meeting

present: mls, saschpe, lars

* service script quality
* build flags implementation
* product builder host

Service Script Quality

Many service scripts have bad error reporting or fail with
strange messages when something goes wrong. Thus we're going to
review the scripts and the setup code to improve the robustness
and error handling.

Build Flags

Currently API and backend have different ideas of how the build flags
work, leading to confusion. We'll unify this (and also fix a bug in
the backend code). The algorithm will be:

- each matching enable/disable line gets a score, defined by:
+1 if it's a disable flag
+2 if the arch is specified
+4 if the repo is specified
Thus <disable arch="i586"> has a score of 1+2 = 3,
<enable repo="openSUSE_Factory" arch="x86_64"> has a score of 6
- the entry with the highest score wins.

ISO Builder Host

Lars is setting up a new host dedicated for product building.
Products are currrently built in the hosts where the schedulers
are running, leading to a noticable slowdown.


Michael Schroeder mls@xxxxxxx
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF Jeff Hawn, HRB 16746 AG Nuernberg
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