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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Licenses
On Jun 07, 11 15:30:40 +0200, Dave Plater wrote:
Correct syntax from
-License: BSD
+License: BSD-3-Clause

I noticed that there was licensing crossdistro summit at LinuxTag. Does
that mean that all distributions agreed to use abbreviations from the
mentioned document in their packages? (I recon we were using BSD3c for
this particular license, also we use GPLv2+ while the document mentions

Yes. We have notice from many distros, that they want to use the spdx
license names. This is no real 'decision', as the summit was rescheduled
and also turned into a workshop. Discussions continue on the spdx-legal
mailing list.

If yes, then it is really cool and you should do a blogpost about the
results of the summit (which you should do anyway I guess ;-)).

Apparently blogs are more important than mailing lists, these days. Please
feel free to quote me on your blogs.

there should be a tool that fixes spec file entries in OBS automagically
and we'll put the same replacement magic in our spec-cleaner ...

Thanks for the clarification!

I had a license problem, with an existing problem package, which was
fixed by legal with "GPL-2.0+" so from that I assume that we should
start using those abbreviations.

You can start using the new abbreviations from
We'll also run a licenses cleaner later. I'd make it send out
submitrequests the same way Ciaran and Christopher now send them out
already occasionally, if there are no major objections.


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