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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] obs services updates

I'm not sure why this post was not accepted by the list so trying to resend.

I also realized that my first comment was not 100% true so adding some corrections

On 03.May.2011 12:31, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Am Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011, 10:53:14 schrieb Radoslav Dibarbora:
1 - tar_scm service will always add scm revision to the tarball name
instead of the real version
hm, you can specify a "version" as parameter that one should not
be touched (unlike "versionprefix").

The version thing will help but I have to change it on 2 places than . With the proposed approach you nedd to change it only in source code and then re-run the services.
2 - We need to keep also original release numbers but they are
originally rewritten by OBS build numbers
this is in general independend of source service but more a generic
OBS functionality. Otherwise update tools (like zypper, yum and friends)
may not be able to upgrade packages correctly.

However, you can overwrite this mechanism via


line in spec file.

I don't know why but it will not work form me ( obs 2.1.1) .
|I have the following modifications for  oracle-instantclient.spec:
< Release: <RELEASE1>
> Release: 8.1|
We solved it by adding the 2 new services :
extract_version - extract the version/release numbers from given file (
changelog) using perl or sed regexps. extracted values are stored in
_service:extract_version:version/release files
set_release - set release in spec or dsc file base on pattern
configured in the service - you can use also release extracted by
extract_version service
Do you think this is really needed or can the above Release mechanism be used ?
I'm afraid I could not do what I need without the changes, but may be I'm doing something wrong way.

We also modified some services:
recompress - Added ability to rename the archive - it is possible to use
stored version/release from extract_version

set_version - Added possibility to use version extracted by
extract_version service.

Example of _services file we are using is on the end of the message.

packages for RHEL could be found in project home:dibo2010:buildservice.

In case Adrian and rest of the obs team have no queries I will submit
requests to apply changes to openSUSE:Tools (unfortunately we are using
stable version only therefore I'm not able to prepare/test patches
against the devel version).
Just create submitrequests so far against the services please.

I submitted following requests:
Request #69434
Request #69435
Request #69436
Request #69437

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