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[opensuse-buildservice] obs services updates
Hi all,

We are using some customized services in our private obs instance. To easy management and to share the work with anybody interested I would like to submit changes back to upstream/comunity. I would like to describe the changes before submitting the requests.

As we would like to allow also local manual compilation of packages we have to keep sources in the usual form even we are building packages directly from SVN repository using the source_services. We found following problems with original services:

1 - tar_scm service will always add scm revision to the tarball name instead of the real version
2 - We need to keep also original release numbers but they are originally rewritten by OBS build numbers

We solved it by adding the 2 new services :
extract_version - extract the version/release numbers from given file ( changelog) using perl or sed regexps. extracted values are stored in _service:extract_version:version/release files
set_release - set release in spec or dsc file base on pattern configured in the service - you can use also release extracted by extract_version service

We also modified some services:
recompress - Added ability to rename the archive - it is possible to use stored version/release from extract_version
set_version - Added possibility to use version extracted by extract_version service.

Example of _services file we are using is on the end of the message.

packages for RHEL could be found in project home:dibo2010:buildservice.

In case Adrian and rest of the obs team have no queries I will submit requests to apply changes to openSUSE:Tools (unfortunately we are using stable version only therefore I'm not able to prepare/test patches against the devel version).


Example of _services:

<service name="tar_scm">
<param name="url">SVN_URL/Package_name/trunk/</param>
<param name="scm">svn</param>
<service name="extract_file">
<param name="archive">_service:tar_scm:trunk-*.tar</param>
<param name="file">trunk-*/rpm/Package_name.spec</param>
<param name="file">trunk-*/changelog</param>
<service name="extract_version">
<param name="regexp_type">perl</param>
<param name="release_regexp">s/^.*-//</param>
<param name="version_regexp">s/-.*//</param>
<param name="file">_service:extract_file:changelog</param>
<service name="recompress">
<param name="file">*.tar</param>
<param name="rename_pattern">package_name-%VERSION%</param>
<param name="compression">bz2</param>
<service name="set_release">
<param name="release_pattern">%RELEASE%.&lt;CI_CNT&gt;.&lt;B_CNT&gt;%{dist}</param>
</service><service name="set_version"/>


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