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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: osc build for sles11 fails
On Sun, Apr 10, Olaf Hering wrote:

I tried the below a few weeks ago and it failed with similar errors.
Is 'osc build' something that is supposed to work for all selectable

home:olh:xen-unstable/kernel-source $ time obs build kernel-source.spec
Building kernel-source.spec for SLE_11_SP1/x86_64
Getting buildinfo from server and store to
Getting buildconfig from server and store to
Updating cache of required packages
100.0% cache miss. 0/98 dependencies cached.

Trying openSUSE Build Service server for aaa_base (SUSE:SLE-11:SP1), since it
is not on
Trying openSUSE Build Service server for aaa_base (SUSE:SLE-11:SP1), since it
is not on
Error: No more mirrors to try.
Failed to retrieve aaa_base-11-6.28.5.x86_64.rpm from the following locations
(in order):

With strace I see ssl connects to, but since its
encrypted it difficult to see what data are exchanged with Where do I need to put my debug statements to dump the
https traffic in plain text?
Setting debug=1 and http_debug=1 in ~/.oscrc does not enable debug for
package download.

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