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[opensuse-buildservice] Issue with projconf injected variables / BuildRequires not installed

Together with Nelson I was working on a nice way for him to have App
Indicators enabled for transmission, even though we do not have all the
dependencies in the distribution.

In the same way as in gstreamer, I chose to go through project config
and enable app indicator in this way.

So the transmission.spec contains:

BuildRequires: libappindicator-devel

osc meta prjconf GNOME:Ayatana contains:

Then building this package, it fails with:

+ exec rpmbuild -ba --define '_srcdefattr (-,root,root)' --define
--eval %suse_insert_debug_package /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/transmission.spec
error: Failed build dependencies:
libappindicator-devel is needed by transmission-2.22-49.2.x86_64

=> this means 'build' does know about WITH_APPINDICATOR = 1, but the
process building the chroot ignores it / does not have the correct

I am sure that this used to work (as this is for example how I rebuild
gstreamer on my private obs instance with all the goodies enabled.. and
I believe PM does the same).

Is this something that broke with OBS 2.3? Or is the entire process no
longer supposed to work like this?

Thanks a lot for looking into this,

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