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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] A bug of maintaining meta data of linked project?
Am Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011, 15:27:26 schrieb Zhu, Peter J:

Currently MeeGo uses process of submitting change like devel->T:T->Trunk. T:T
is a linked project of Trunk.
So we maintain devel meta data in Trunk rather than in T:T.

For those packages with no changes in T:T(it means exactly same as Trunk,
physically not exist as well in
T:T), its metadata is exactly same as Trunk , then everything would be fine;
But once there are changes
accepted into Trunk:Testing, the metadata was also changed so devel
relationship get lost as well. Look at
below metadata for connman and ofono in T:T:
Connman has No queuted changes in T:T, even project is set Trunk
<package project="Trunk" name="connman">
<title>Connection Manager</title>
<description>Connection Manager provides a daemon for managing Internet
within embedded devices running the Linux operating system.

<devel project="devel:connectivity" package="connman"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="nashif"/>
<person role="bugowner" userid="martin"/>

Ofono has queued changes in T:T, now meta is like below
<package project="Trunk:Testing" name="ofono">
<title>Open Source Telephony</title>
<description>Description: %{summary}


So seem sr acceptance get meta data ruined of T:T. I suggest sr acceptance
just copy package data, not meta
data. Comments?

The meta data gets taken from the source (but fields like person and devel
defintion gets removed,
since you do not want to grant maintainership by accepting a request implicit.
At least not by default.)

It looks you need some extra code, which checks if the package exists in a
linked project and
it should use this meta data as base instead the source package...

Alternative solution is that you set the OBS:InitializeDevelPackage attribute
in the project, which
is setting the devel project for new packages according to the submitter
source. OBS 2.3 is needed for
this though ...

Adrian Schroeter
SUSE Linux Products GmbH
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

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