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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: THANKS - All 11.1 derived targets vanished
On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 20:01:18 +0100
"Hans-Peter Jansen" <hpj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Friday 18 February 2011, 18:34:48 Chris wrote:

Am 18.02.2011 18:26, schrieb Hans-Peter Jansen:
It would have been nice to a least send out a warning, probably on
a low traffic list like announce, that all 11.1 dependent targets
and its packages are going to be killed of. That way, I would have
been able to prepare a local mirror.

I don't think that "packages" have been deleted. perhaps the
repository they have been build against.
If you need to have them build again, there is a possibility to use

No, not the packages. At least, I didn't notice. I'm pretty fed up,
as I worked heavily on a project the last weeks, and when it come to
rollout, I had to notice, that almost all repos, that I rely on, are
gone. External and my own. I had boat loads of builds to targets like:


that all vanished. Or builds against the openSUSE_11.1 version of
devel:language:python, that are all gone. Targets _and_ repos.

And I was so silly to promote this service around the world. Oh, well.

I thought, that fascist operators from hell would had been an
issue of the past. I failed.

Hey, that is not "new" that from time to time a dist gets

Sure, but this time it hurts :-(..


Why not create your own instance locally of obs to build and publish,
then you won't have this issue?

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