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Re: [Kiwi-users] [opensuse-buildservice] kiwi's ignore element?

<packages type="image" patternType="onlyRequired">
<package name="wdiff"/>
<package name="lockdev"/>
<ignore name="lxde-common-branding-openSUSE"/>
Despite this line being inserted into the package list this SUSE
package still conflicts with my branding package. If I disable
(comment out) the pattern "lxde" this issue goes away, however there
are other packages from the "lxde" patter that I need.

The <ignore> element does not work because the conflicting package is
"hidden" in a pattern. zypper knows about pattern names and how to find
them, thus, Kiwi does not need to build a list of packages inside a
pattern. This implies that Kiwi never sees the
"lxde-common-branding-openSUSE" name as a package and therefore it
cannot be removed/ignored.

This is correct. I implemented the ignore element for the packages
list only. When using another than the zypper packagemanager kiwi
resolves the patterns itself (using satsolver) and in the result
list you can ignore packages which are not pulled in by a hard
requirement. With zypper we just pass the pattern name and let
zypper do all the rest which has the downside that we cannot
influence what is going to be installed in a pattern. The only
solution here is to add the package into the delete section

<packages type="delete">
<package name="lxde-common-branding-openSUSE"/>

and make sure your includes the following function call:


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