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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Creating stable snapshots of projects
On 2011-01-18 14:27:07 -0800, Malcolm Fernandes wrote:
We have a Project-A (1000+ packages) where we import some src rpms
from another distribution on a periodic basis. Several other projects
are built against the Project-A's repository. These other projects
get de-stabilized because of the constant fluctuation caused by the
imports of new src rpms in Project-A.

The goal is to create a stable snapshot of Project-A (let's call that
Project-A-STABLE), once Project-A has been built and tested. This
Project-A-STABLE will then be used by the other projects. When src
rpms are subsequently imported into Project-A, it should not cause any
re-builds in Project-A-STABLE.

How do you go about linking complete projects in OBS? Note sure if we
should be using branch, linkpac, copypac, ...

Please outline the steps involved in:
- creating the first snapshot (Project-A-STABLE )
- creating subsequent stable snapshots from Project-A to Project-A-STABLE.

The snapshot projects should preserve the revisions that it was branched off.


why not just use submitrequests to send changes from Project-A to
Project-A-STABLE. then you basically get the same workflow as we have it
with opensuse factory and its devel projects.

the other option is:
Project-A-STABLE uses links with revisions into Project-A.
so when you want to update a package to a newer version, you just update
the revision attribute in the link file.



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