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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] osc requestmaintainership
On 2010-11-25 08:52:32 +0100, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Am Mittwoch, 24. November 2010, 18:43:46 schrieb Marcus Hüwe:
On 2010-11-24 18:23:38 +0100, Pavol Rusnak wrote:
On 24/11/10 16:44, Marcus Hüwe wrote:
I just committed a slightly modified version of your patch (see
Thanks for the patch!

I just pushed a commit[1] which renames requestmaintainership command to
requestrole. It makes much more sense and is nicer.

Hmm I'm not quite sure if this is a good change. If we change it to
requestrole I would expect something like
"osc requestrole <role> [<project> <package>]" (instead of specifying
a different role via a "--role" option).

yep, full support from me.

I just reverted the commit for now.

Can we establish the policy that a change of osc interface always needs a mail
on this list asking for support ?

Sounds good at least if a cmd is going to be dropped (or if some cmd
is changed in a backward incompatible way).

Do we want osc to write "requestmaintainership is obsolete, use
requestrole instead" when requestmaintainership is used?
IMHO the "old" cmds should be aliases for "requestrole" instead of
simply dropping them. What do you think?

OSC CLI commands have never been stable so users are probably used
to checking manpage or --help, right?

Yes the UI has never been consistent... but that doesn't justify an
unnecessary (IMHO) breakage:)


We should make it more consistent, but we should discuss it first ...


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