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[opensuse-buildservice] Wrapup from MeeGo OBS Developer meeting
  • From: Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:01:09 +0200
  • Message-id: <201004191101.10083.adrian@xxxxxxx>

JFYI, these are the meeting minutes from OBS-MeeGo developer
meeting in Nürnberg on friday and saturday.

Details can be found in the fate entries. Please note that
this was just a development alignment meeting in first place,
only a few features have assigned resources and are planned
for a certain release so far.

Some features still need more conceptual work, but if someone
is interested in participating on any of them, you can
subscribe as "Interested" person in fate.

We agreed to repeat such a meeting every few month.

MeeGo feature block can be found here:

The meeting minutes with brief results:

High Prio:
- QA Checkpoints and Automatic Testing
=> See wiki page, to be followed up with
- Build turn-around enhancements
=> Fate #309327
- permission handling
- read permission control
- group handling
=> has been added to ACL wiki page, LF will finish that for 1.8 release
- Security
- Inter obs communication
- SSL communication between obs components and instances
=> add support for using certificates
Fate #309352, Anas is going to work on it.
- Signing
=> AI: adrian, make setup of signing easier with appliance
- Inter OBS instance communication
- improved cache handling
=> Fate #309330 (scheduled for 1.8) and #309331

Normal Prio:
- Notification handling
=> Hermes should be shipped together with OBS, Fate #309353
(needs to support LDAP setups for this and needs to care about
OBS ACL read permissions)
AI: Sasha check with Klaas how to get it supported
=> Save delivery of events, FATE #309342
- Branching in general and release maintenance (Updates)
=> Fate #309325
- Branching and Merging of builds (Topic from Sasha that came up today, Sasha
will lead into this topic)
=> Fate #309332
- Version Control of Meta data (project configs, patterns, etc.)
=> Fate #308802 (scheduled for OBS 2.0)
- Dispatcher algorithm improvements
=> Fate #308756 (scheduled for OBS 2.0)
- Archiving of build logs
=> Fate #309344
- Multi-architecture builds and syncing
=> in ARM case, maybe just publish arm and i586 in seperate repositories
- Version-Release-Build management and tracking
=> Fate #309354
- ARM support in OBS
=> AI: Martin, fix %cando handling for 2.0
=> rename "ChangeTarget" to simply "Target"
=> remove special if's for arm and make it usable for all archs.
- git support modes
Multiple approaches are currently faced:
* roll tar balls from git(or svn,cvs, ...) using source service
and store it to the source history.(relativ easy, Nokia has code to
support it)
* Use git in the backend as seperate source storage for
configured packages/projects. (still a lot of work to do,
esp. to not break the api and allow submissions between
packages with different modes).
This is handled currently handled as low priority long term feature.
- pluggable build types, esp. for images
=> FATE #309347
- pluggable repository types
=> FATE #309349
- aggregate support for skipping source packages
=> FATE #309350
- discussing optimized worker setup
- patchinfo support
=> Fate: #308789, #308772
- Link of project
=> Fate: #307915
- osc support for submit request of multiple packages
=> Works on server side, osc needs to be enhanced for this. FATE #309351


Adrian Schroeter
SUSE Linux Products GmbH
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

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