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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: Would it be possible to build openpkg rpms with OBS
  • From: Richard Bos <rbos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 23:17:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <201004132317.22582.rbos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Adrian,

At dinsdag 13 april 2010 12:58:51 wrote Adrian Schröter:
Would it be possible to build openpkg rpms with OBS? I would think
that an image should exist that contains the openpkg environment,
and that a build target "openpkg_3.0 (i586|x86_64)" would exist.
If something like this would be possible, I would think that it
is to be used in a private build service. I can not imagine
that you would maintain the openpkg image, or would you ;) ?

I personally would not mind to host another base distro.

:) That would be great.

But where would I get binary rpms from ? There are only official src.rpm
releases, right ?

Rpms can be downloaded from
There are rpms for Debian system ;) and src.rpm for other systems.

I'm currently building the src.rpms, which is rather trivial:
download the src.rpms, and execute a bootstrap script. This will install the
bin.rpms in /kolab. The install will also add 3 users to the system. I
wonder what would be easier for a build system image: just download the
src.rpms and run the bootscript or download the binaries and install them
manually. The first is fully automated, but slow (building the rpms takes
time), the 2nd method not automated.... I actually don't know how that goes
(as it involved bootstrap a new rpmdb in /kolab/lib/openpkg/rpmdb)

Would installing the rpms for a Debian host system, make it possible to ....
hmmmm ... how to say that ..... build rpm packages. But the way we do now for

A spec file for openpkg does not look the same as for other
distributions. An example of such a spec file can be seen at:

hm, the @PACKAGE@ and @VERSION@ worries a bit, it would lead to some side
effects, but package building should be possible anyway.

I was more worried about the % values, but I assume now that those can be
assigned in e.g. the prjconf file or a similar one, isn't it?

I also miss the to see the possibility to e.g. see an openSUSE specfile
combined with an openpkg spec file. If this would be feasible that would be
really great (like the combined specfiles for openSUSE and Fedora or

Or would these fields get replaced before ?

These variables (@PACKAGE@ and @VERSION@) are now populated by a makefile. I
think that these could be entered manually also.

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