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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] ultimatestunts
  • From: "Dominique Leuenberger" <Dominique.Leuenberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 08:58:13 +0100
  • Message-id: <49C74F250200002900015BB0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Only some guessing from me... can't be complete (and I did not really have a
look at it).

On 3/22/2009 at 20:44, Richard Bos <rbos@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Have top handy, because after starting ustunts the game consumes a lot of
power. Also the behavior of the game before and after booting is different.

In my case the last lines, after starting ustunts are:
---Sound system
Loading file music/pronobozo-ReInvent.ogg
Failed to load /usr/share/ultimatestunts/music/pronobozo-ReInvent.ogg
ALUT error was: Unsupported file type

I would assume that configure has a depending library marked as optional
instead of required (well: IS sounds a requirement?). Check the output of
configure and you might find some missing library for this part.

---World data
---World data
Loading lensflare distance 1.000 size 0.200 file
Loading file environment/lensflare/lensflare0.jpg

For this one I would guess that ustunts does not use an absolute path to find
the files but looks for them starting with $( pwd ).

Try changing to the data folder of ustunts (most likely
/usr/share/ultimatestunts) and start it from there.
If this helps, you'll most likely end up with a wrapper script to start it up.
(change directory, start ustunts, maybe some more).

Hope this helps you a bit out.

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