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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Colons considered harmful: escaping LD_LIBRARY_PATH in OBS projects
Being able to have the -r/--recursive flag would be nice. On our
internal OBS we have many release subprojects, foo:1.0, foo:1.1,
foo:2.0. It would be nice to be able to check out all subprojects of
foo sometimes. It would also be nice if when looking at project foo's
webpage it actually had links to all its immediate child subprojects
instead of having to go to List All Projects. If I can create a
subproject from the project webpage I should be able to see the projects
I created there too.

On Wed, 2009-01-07 at 08:25 +0100, Michal Vyskocil wrote:
On Tuesday 06 of January 2009 18:04:30 Brandon Philips wrote:
On 11:10 Tue 06 Jan 2009, Pavol Rusnak wrote:
Brandon Philips wrote:
Ping? I almost forgot about this thread due to the holidays.

Despite the new year: It is still a bug. And we need a solution. :D

I suggested a comma which does not interfere with anything AFAIK.
Creating patch for OSC is a matter of minutes and I can push it anytime.
The only thing we need is to agree on the solution.

I am concerned that using such an exotic seperator will just create
problems in another library, script, or language. Limiting the use of
characters to the most portable subset of POSIX filenames: A–Za–z0–9._-
would be a pragmatic choice.

Well, problem is, that those names are allowed in a name of projects, or
packages. There are projects like home:-miska-, home:a_jaeger,
Java:jpackage-1.7, (or something like Gnome_Community+OpenSUSE_Factory) and
defining any of these character as a new separator will brings a lot of

I still recommends to use a normal directory structure after checkout (this
don't need any changes on server side):

osc co home:foo pkg -- > home/foo/pkg/pkg.spec
osc co home:bar pkg ---> home/bar/pkg/pkg.spec
osc co home:bar:subbar pkg ---> home/bar/subbar/pkg/pkg.spec

Not needed to use an exotic separator, not needed to do huge rename of
projects, ... . And osc could have a -r/--recursive option to work on all
projects, or just with a current one (for example for osc up). It's easy to
decide, if the current directory is a package dir, or a project one (just
a look into .osc/).

Only one constraint is project cannot contains package and a subproject with
same name. But this shouldn't be a huge problem, I hope ;-).

On 20:19 Sun 21 Dec 2008, Brandon Philips wrote:
On 02:07 Mon 22 Dec 2008, Pavol Rusnak wrote:
Brandon Philips wrote:
Of course we need to figure out how many people have dots in their
usernames but that could be worked around somehow.

Usernames are not a problem in this case, but we have a lots of
projects that contain dot (with a good reason) like openSUSE:11.0 or

Right, but does the dot ever need to be interpreted in a special way?!
Besides the strange "folders for http mirrors" thing: which I still
don't understand.

Could someone please address why OBS must have a unique seperator?
Surely removing this assumption should be possible with all of the XML
metadata and .osc/{_project,_package} files about.

Maybe the syncing of existing structure is better, because admin can decide
- sync only project:foo, but without subprojects - and do not need to read
parse the .osc directory. Or someone loves colons, so he has used colons in
OBS :).

But on a packagers side this causes in problems, so I suppose that use of
colons on server side (names, repository paths, ...) is OK, but on a packager
side could be changed to the directory structure.

Michal Vyskocil
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