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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] some questions on build service
The ARCH argument to osc build doesn't map to the rpm's arch for noarch.
It's more for which dependencies to get. You have to force the arch in
the spec with BuildArch: noarch as one of the header fields. You'll
still build it with openSUSE_11.0 x86_64 or openSUSE_11.0 i586 since the
build needs to know what kind of arch in the chroot to make. (Think
about it this way, you can have php code that is arch independent, but
the php interpreter is not arch independent. Of course, this extend to
everything that makes up the chroot.)

On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 15:48 +0100, Werner Flamme wrote:
Hi everyone,

yesterday I tried to build a new package (dokuwiki), today I have the
questions ;-)

When I build other packages (rssh for example), I get an arch dependant
rpm and a src.rpm. Yesterday I additionally got debuginfo and
debugsource rpm when building locally (osc build openSUSE_11.0 x86_64
dokuwiki.spec). Why this? The webclient shows debug disabled, and I do
not see any <debuginfo> entry in "osc meta pkg home:werfl
dokuwiki-stable" and "osc meta prj home:werfl". Adding
<disable />
did not help, and changing this to <enable/> caused the well known
"error: Package already exists: %package debuginfo". And I did not see
any %debug_package inside my spec file.

Besides, there is nothing to compile, it is simple PHP source code, one
has only to unpack and install... I succeeded at last by adding 2 empty
files in the respective directory and deleting them in the %post phase :-(

So: how do I really avoid building those debug packages?

Next: rpmlint (?) had the great proposal not to build this package arch
dependant (it really is not), but to use "noarch". Of course, "osc build
openSUSE_11.0 noarch dokuwiki.spec" fails ("wrong repo/arch?"), so how
do I build a noarch rpm? When I build it manually, I use "rpmbuild -ba
--target noarch ...", but how can I convince osc build?

Then: since the standard installation of DokuWiki proposes to simply
unpack the source in a directory called (e g.) dokuwiki inside the
document root, am I allowed to do so in my package? Or do I have to put
it into /srv/www/dokuwiki and create an alias in /etc/apache2/conf.d? Do
I have to hardcode the paths or are there macros? The config of DW is
maintained via web interface normally, may I create a link /etc/DokuWiki
that points to /srv/www/dokuwiki/conf?

Since I am new to packaging, I'm missing a "best practices" guide to the
galaxy ;-) And the links in some articles are quite ...ahem...
On <>, the very first
sentence has a link to
- obviously ;-) I am the only one to have ever used this link, since it
shows 0 downloads... There is not only spc.html, but many others linked
from there, but they are not accessible directly... Some (all? I'm not
yet through) of the info given there is also available on,
for example <>
replaces spc_rpm_groups.html. The old link should be replaced with
<>, what I
found accidentally when asking for SUSE build info :-(

Hey, I'm on holiday today, so I got plenty of time to spend asking :-)


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