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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] only src.rpm build ?
  • From: David Cournapeau <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 17:38:54 +0900
  • Message-id: <48C7879E.2060208@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Ludwig Nussel wrote:
| Can I download a prebuilt binary instead of installing from source?
| We provide prebuilt ATLAS libraries for some selected

Except that it is terribly out of date (3.4.1 is maybe 5 years old or
something). And we all know the pathetic state of linux when trying to
distribute binary/distribution independant only anyway (it is basically
impossible without huge ressources most open source projects do not have).

Even if the software is able to optimize itself better by compiling
it on the target processor you could still build a generic version
for the architecture. Those who need the last bit of performance can
still rebuild the source then.

The problem is that this is not possible. You can't build a generic
version: if I have a CPU with SSE3, it is not possible to build ATLAS
without SSE3 instructions. This is a PITA, because even on the same
machine, it is not possible to generate the exact same binary (debian
does it by recording the build output and replaying it....).

Also, I don't know if that software offers a library. If it does you
may need the generic version for linking other applications.

No, it does not ATM.

Trust me, I have some knowledge about building ATLAS on various
platforms (including but not limited to linux), more than I wish I had:
I am a core developer of numpy, which optionally depends on Atlas, and
it is the number one problem wrt deployment for us. Most distributions
screw up those packages (blas/lapack/Atlas), BTW.

I would understand that it is not a big user-case for the build service;
but it is a case where source rpm only are useful, and binary rom next
to impossible to support correctly (reproducible build, for once).


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