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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] RFC: small patch for "osc commit" with big effect
  • From: "Dominique Leuenberger" <Dominique.Leuenberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 15:07:37 +0200
  • Message-id: <4832F749.2554.0029.1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

sorry for top-Posting.. sometimes I could start to hate GroupWise... it does
not always as it's told to do :) So this time it forgets to quote your text

so about enforcing the commit messages: I'm perfectly in favor of if... BUT
with a small extension: the .changes files should be updated in the same moment
(or the api should use this info for the %changelog)

Otherwise we start to make the same changes over and over: in the .changes, in
the commit message, and most likely this will lead to useless comments, like
'see changelog' ;)


From: Peter Poeml <poeml@xxxxxxx>
Date: 20.05.2008 16:04
Subject: [opensuse-buildservice] RFC: small patch for "osc commit" with big

Index: osc/
--- osc/ (revision 4001)
+++ osc/ (working copy)
@@ -1029,6 +1029,9 @@
+ if not opts.message and not opts.file:
+ sys.stderr.write('You didn\'t specify a commit message.\n'
+ 'In the future, this will be mandatory.\n')
msg = ''
if opts.message:
msg = opts.message

Later, giving a commit message (-m / -F) will be enforced.

What do people think about this? I think it is good, and I know some
that agree, and I haven't seen anyone disagreeing yet.

We can also make the messages mandatory right away, depending on what
you think...

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