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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Installing RPMs during %prep phase of a RPM building
  • From: "G. Massera" <gmassera@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 16:47:59 +0200
  • Message-id: <4823129F.5070705@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Marcus Rueckert ha scritto:
On 2008-05-08 16:15:50 +0200, G. Massera wrote:

The package that I need is GSL (Gnu Scientific Library).
It is in all standard repository ... except in RHEL and CentOS.
In the repository of RHEL and CentOS there isn't GSL :-( :-(
I don't remember the repository... I search with
However... because GSL is so common... I think that is stupid to make
another .spec for compile the source in my home project.

just a few thoughts.

1. where do you take the GSL package from?

2. the package you use to build against will be needed at runtime. so
you have to provide a GSL package for rhel/centos users, otherwise
they can not install your package.

3. another option would be to disable the parts of your program that
need GSL on rhel/centos and only provide them on the other distros.
if gsl is needed for core features you will have to provide a GSL
package for them or disable the package on the distros.

hope this helps


For point 1:
from one of the link reported after a search from
For point 2:
GSL is not needed at runtime because it will be linked statically
For point 3:
Yes, GSL is needed for core features... and because GSL is needed only
during building (because I will use the static version), there is no
need to have such dependencies and then... I don't have to create a new
package for GSL.

And finally, I'll want to strees more my requirement... because in my
case I need just One rpm... but suppose that you want to provide a
binary package of some your application Pippo... that depends on 50
others libraries... and all of these 50 other libraries are all
available to an external repository maintained by someone else people
(not you)...
... in this case the only solution for using Build service is to create
50 .spec files for Re-Create the 50 RPM provided by someone else ????
It seems at little silly ?!?! no ?!?!

Thank anyway,

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