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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] aggregate issue
  • From: Wolfgang Rosenauer <wolfgang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 09:01:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <481EB0C8.5020506@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Sunday 04 May 2008 08:29:28 wrote Wolfgang Rosenauer:
Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
I switched a package to aggregate from another project.
For some reason almost all targets show "blocked" for that package
currently (it works for Factory though). The package in the original
project are correctly built though.

Is there a problem in OBS?
Anything wrong in my project/package config?

It's the package mozilla-nspr in mozilla:beta which should be aggregated
from mozilla.
OK, I consider it an issue in OBS actually. Another 24 hours later more
targets have been aggregated but there are still quite some missing what
means that my config is correct but OBS takes _days_ to actually do the
work while it's idleing away (not really having packages to build in the
queue currently).

well, yes, aggregates gets currently only executed when a complete project has finished, not only the required packages.

On the other hand, using aggregates is usually evil (just brings incompatibilities and increases server space without need). You may want to consider to build directly against the other project/repo. This would solve also the long waiting time.

In that case I'm pretty sure it doesn't bring incompatibilities but the project is actually built against the other repo so in theory everything should just work if I'd remove the package.
But I have a strong belief that zypper would break that way on some systems :-(
If people are using the repo and didn't install with a YMP they usually don't know about the dependency and zypper doesn't help the user to find the correct dependent repo, does it?

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