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[opensuse-buildservice] Problems with Release tag in spec files
  • From: Richard Stonehouse <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 04:40:35 +0000
  • Message-id: <20080216044035.GB30044@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I'm a new user of the openSUSE Build Service and have some problems
with the way it treats the 'Release:' tag in spec files; I'd be
grateful for any help.

For reasons to do with the way I work, I want the RPMs to be built
with unique names that show the SUSE version they were built for.

'Versioned' release numbers, as described in section 1.10 of the
Package Conventions document, seemed to be the way to go.

But the OBS seems to change Release numbers:

- '1020.b1' to '1021.1'.
- '0%{?suse_version}.11' (same package) to '1022.1'.
- '1020.11' (another package) to '1020.1'
- '1020.11' (same package rebuilt) to 1021.1, 1022.1 ...

Some of the things I'm wondering:

Is there any documentation that explains the rules in more detail
than the Package Conventions document?

Is it possible to use versioned release numbers in the OBS, without
having the first part incremented and the second part reset to '1'
each time, as seems to be happening in the above examples?

Is it possible to have the OBS generate the '1020' bit of the Release
number according to the target openSUSE version, as I tried to do in
the second example above?

Is it possible to tell the OBS not to update the Release number, or
alternatively to reset it (short of the drastic step of deleting and
re-creating the package)?

Richard Stonehouse
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