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[opensuse-buildservice] Unable to configure the MySQL database with rake migrate
  • From: "Jochen Hebbrecht" <jochenhebbrecht@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 15:31:53 +0100
  • Message-id: <db99f77d0703130731u5201da2p53278360ead3d8b7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I searched the mailinglist, but I guess nobody had this problem.

What is defined wrong? The role is in the file:

[root@OBS frontend]# cat
# The Role class represents a role in the database. Roles can have permissions
# associated with themselves. Roles can assigned be to roles and groups.
# The Role ActiveRecord class mixes in the "ActiveRbacMixins::RoleMixin" module.
# This module contains the actual implementation. It is kept there so
# you can easily provide your own model files without having to all lines
# from the engine's directory
class Role < ActiveRecord::Base
include ActiveRbacMixins::RoleMixin

The error:

[root@OBS frontend]# cd /srv/www/obs/frontend/
[root@OBS frontend]# rake migrate
(in /srv/www/obs/frontend)
/srv/www/obs/frontend/config/boot.rb:38:Warning: require_gem is
obsolete. Use gem instead.
== InitialDatabase: migrating =================================================
-- create_table("groups", {:force=>true})
-> 0.0631s
-- add_index("groups", ["parent_id"], {:name=>"groups_parent_id_index"})
-> 0.0471s
-- create_table("groups_roles", {:force=>true, :id=>false})
-> 0.0348s
-- add_index("groups_roles", ["group_id", "role_id"],
{:name=>"groups_roles_all_index", :unique=>true})
-> 0.0469s
-- add_index("groups_roles", ["role_id"], {:name=>"role_id"})
-> 0.0469s
-- create_table("groups_users", {:force=>true, :id=>false})
-> 0.0348s
-- add_index("groups_users", ["group_id", "user_id"],
{:name=>"groups_users_all_index", :unique=>true})
-> 0.0475s
-- add_index("groups_users", ["user_id"], {:name=>"user_id"})
-> 0.0535s
-- create_table("roles", {:force=>true})
-> 0.0354s
-- add_index("roles", ["parent_id"], {:name=>"roles_parent_id_index"})
-> 0.0476s
rake aborted!
Expected /srv/www/obs/frontend/vendor/plugins/active_rbac/app/model/role.rb
to define Role
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