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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Software installation
  • From: Tobias Burnus <burnus@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 20:59:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <45899635.8070306@xxxxxxxx>

Pascal Beser wrote:
> - - It's a committee with a standard: standards and specifications that
> try to unify are almost always behind the real-world requirements at
> some point in time, and I think this is especially true wrt Linux
> distributions as they evolve very quickly.
I disagree, especially about the part "they evolve very quickly". I of
cause like to use the newest gcc/gfortran, KDE, Firefox, etc. But if I
buy commercial software (Mathematica, NAG f95, Corel Draw Linux [well,
does not work anymore :-(], etc.), I expect that that software still
works if I update my Linux.
LSB might be the lowest common denominator, but if I have an LSB
package, I can be sure it works.

Besides: Even if someone builds a package, which is not for "LSB", the
normative power of the LSB makes sure that certain things work (e.g.
using /usr/lib/lsb/install_initd). The process is slow, but it really helps!

(I in fact like standards, in the old days, gcc had several extensions,
other C compilers had others etc. Now several extensions are in the C99
standard and every compiler vendor tries to comply to that standard. For
Fortran 77 the situation was even worse [Fortran 90 consolidated the

Richard Bos wrote:
> Op woensdag 20 december 2006 01:58, schreef Pascal Bleser:
>> - It's still not supported by most distributions: SUSE seems to be
>> highly LSB compliant but what about others ? Just as an example,
>> Debian/Ubuntu don't even have chkconfig installed by default and have a
>> different init script scheme.
Well, chkconfig is not part of LSB, even if it is mentioned in some
nonnormative note.
It is a while back that I wrote LSB complient init scripts, they worked
under Debian 3.0, I don't think Debian broke it. (Ok, the dependency
calculation of install_initd was sort of a hack in Debian, but worked
for my scripts.)

> And isn't rpm the preferred packaging method in LSB? Build problem solved as
> all packages should actually use spec files ;)
Yes, but it is a restricted RPM format (some RPM features are not
allowed), in addition you are only allowed to depend on LSB-Provided
things (or those which you provide yourself).
Installing LSB-RPM-Packages with "alien" worked ok under Debian 3.0 as
far as I can tell. (There were not that many LSB packages at that time -
and not many are currently available either.)

who extended the init-scripts part of the LSB three years ago, based on
the needs as system administrator for O(400) Debian computers.
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