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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Problem with BLAS / LAPACK libraries
  • From: Werner Hoch <werner.ho@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 10:34:21 +0100
  • Message-id: <200611251034.21935.werner.ho@xxxxxx>
Hi David,

On Saturday 25 November 2006 03:57, David Strozzi wrote:
> There's a small problem with the linear algebra library BLAS and
> LAPACK in opensuse. These are Fortran libraries. I (and others)
> have trouble using the libraries with SciPy (python scientific
> computing package). The problem seems to be that different Fortran
> compilers use different symbol names for some output routines. When
> one compiles scipy, there are some Fortran routines that get
> compiled, I think with g77 by default (maybe not). You can compile
> and install scipy, but when you try importing it in python you get an
> error of undefined symbol _gfortran_st_write in the LAPACK library.

Can you provide a small python script that shows the bug?

Can you give some more information about your used SuSE Version and

> I have the most recent blas and lapack opensuse builds (940). The
> official suse-type webpage I got these from say they were compiled
> with egcs, which is a. wrong (egcs merged back into gcc a long time
> ago) and b. ill-defined (since g77 and gfortran are both part of
> gcc).

Which package exactly are you using? One of those:

> As you search the web, you see that it's part of the lore that
> "Suse's BLAS is buggy, you have to compile yourself." Not good for
> Suse!

Please provide URL's it's much easier to track them.

> While I'm on it, it's not clear what implementation of BLAS opensuse
> uses. My guess is it's the reference implementation from lapack's
> page on netlib, which is not optimized. Better ones exist, like
> gotoBLAS. Maybe that can be made a suse package?
The package is not accessable from that page without login. Is there a
public place to get it?

> At the least it would help if it were spelled out exactly which
> Fortran compiler was used to make opensuse's blas. If they can be
> compiled to allow multiple Fortran compilers to play nicely with
> them, even better.


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