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[Bug 1017175] With Kernel 4.4: crash of sddm and it seems of the X server (repeatable)
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 04:22:54 +0000
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Stakanov Schufter <stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx> changed:

What |Removed |Added
Version|Leap 42.2 |Leap 42.3
Resolution|WONTFIX |---
OS|openSUSE 42.2 |openSUSE 42.3

--- Comment #14 from Stakanov Schufter <stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx> ---
Still happens on 43.3, Ironlake chipset.
This seems to be related with the function suspend to disk.
When doing a suspend to disc everything is normal.
When awaking everything seems normal. But:
Provided following setup:
User A open (and you are not working on it).
User B open (with kmail / pop
User C open with Kmail and some imap accounts (different from user B).
User C is will be the current active user. So you return after suspend to work
with e.g. kmail in fullscreen. While writing you email, you notice after a
while mini-blackouts, finally after about 20 lines of text, the system will
crash completely.
Sometimes a flickering yellow line remains before automatic shutdown.
Switching to tty1, tty7 etc, shows all user and the system are gone, the tty1
does not show even the login, just like all the others black screen.

Second way:
do not work after suspend, just switch user. If switching swiftly via
ctrl+alt+ttyn, then after two or three changes the system will go done. No
yellow stripe, no sddm, right to black sreen. Ventilator may still work,
sometimes the wlans works heavily in these moments, maybe trying to reconnect,
maybe also because some check for mail caused this? No way to find out without

Although the overall frequency with the newer kernel is better then before, the
frequency of the issue makes it necessary to restart the laptop if you want to
type anything important, as the crash is certain.
Data loss does not seem to occur (just the last minute, departing from the last
"blackout flicker" before the crash, that text is lost.
However akonadi inexes will take damage on all users an you will have to clear
the akonadi cache.

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