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[Bug 1051295] New: non interactive use of yast seems currently broken
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 19:01:36 +0000
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Bug ID: 1051295
Summary: non interactive use of yast seems currently broken
Classification: openSUSE
Product: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: Current
Hardware: Other
OS: Other
Status: NEW
Severity: Normal
Priority: P5 - None
Component: YaST2
Assignee: yast2-maintainers@xxxxxxx
Reporter: roger.whittaker@xxxxxxxx
QA Contact: jsrain@xxxxxxxx
Found By: ---
Blocker: ---

seen in 20170725 with yast2-3.3.4-1.1.x86_64

For example:

# yast lan help

YaST Configuration Module lan

Network Card Configuration

Basic Syntax:
yast2 lan interactive
yast2 lan <command> [verbose] [options]
yast2 lan help
yast2 lan longhelp
yast2 lan xmlhelp
yast2 lan <command> help

add Add a network card
delete Delete a network card
edit Change existing configuration
list Display configuration summary
show Display configuration summary

Run 'yast2 lan <command> help' for a list of available options.

Warning: unable to close filehandle properly: Bad file descriptor, <STDIN> line
21 during global destruction (#1)
(S io) There were errors during the implicit close() done on a filehandle
when its reference count reached zero while it was still open, e.g.:

open my $fh, '>', $file or die "open: '$file': $!\n";
print $fh $data or die "print: $!";
} # implicit close here

Because various errors may only be detected by close() (e.g. buffering
allow the print in this example to return true even when the disk is full),
it is dangerous to ignore its result. So when it happens implicitly, perl
signal errors by warning.

Prior to version 5.22.0, perl ignored such errors, so the common idiom
above was liable to cause silent data loss.

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