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[Bug 1045375] Unable to connect to wifi because password can not be accepted within LXDE, LXQt, XFCE, …
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  • Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2017 13:27:46 +0000
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--- Comment #7 from Neil Rickert <nwr10cst-oslnx@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Prompted by today's bugzilla mail, I tested again.

I booted up my laptop, and logged into my test-user account. I chose that
account, because WiFi was not setup for that user.

I logged into XFCE.

I clicked the NM icon in the tray. I saw the home network entry, and clicked
that. I was prompted for the network password.

I checked the box "show password" so that I could verify what I was typing
(nobody was looking over my shoulder, so this was safe). I entered the

The "Connect" button was grayed out. I could not connect.

I then unchecked the box "show password". As soon as I did that, the "Connect"
button became available. I clicked it, and was able to connect.

I later right clicked on the NM icon, and selected "Edit connections". I then
went into editing the connection that I had just created. I clicked the "WiFi
Password" tab. There's a small icon on the right of the field to enter the
password. I clicked that. It gave me a choice of:
Store the key for all users
Store the key for only yourself
Enter the key every time

(I did not write down the wording, so it is probably different). When
connecting, it had default to storing the key for all users. I did not change
that. But I mention this for another reason. You mention a problem that seems
to be related to accessing the Gnome keyring. But that should only happen if
your choice for storing the keys is that of storing only for yourself (in your
own files). It should not happen when you store for all users.

You have not indicated what login manager you use. In my experience, the Gnome
keyring is available in XFCE if you are using "lightdm" or "gdm". But it is
not available if you use "kdm" or "sddm".

It looks to me as if it just works if you follow all of the defaults. You have
not told us enough about what choices you made when trying to connect.

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