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[Bug 1046819] gparted can not initialize a new disk partition, no menu.
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  • Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2017 07:58:07 +0000
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--- Comment #12 from Carlos Robinson <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Sebastian Parschauer from comment #11)
Let me summarize:
* you're hitting a corner case issue in a low priority package in an
unfinished product
* issue can't be reproduced from fresh install
* there are too many variables here
* I don't have a support config to look at as this is openSUSE

So you're very likely the only one hitting this. I've already spent too much
time on this. I can't help you any further here.

I didn't know I was the only one.

If you would have told me about the missing reproduction possibility right
away, then I would have told you to upload the image and would have looked
how to debug the issue with your image.

How would I know about "missing reproduction possibility"?

As far as I know, it is a problem with Build0289 that has been corrected on
Build0300, or alternatively, it is an issue with using a separate /usr

I'm sorry you feel I wasted your time. I was told on the mail list by important
people to stop posting problems there and start creating bugzillas instead,
which I did reluctantly.

As I stop efforts here, I close this as WONTFIX. Feel free to reopen as soon
as this is reproducible from fresh install with detailed steps or your image
is uploaded and you've found the issue in the code already + a possible fix
(upstream patch preferred).

Sorry, I'm not a developer. I have the bandwidth to upload vmware images, but
not the knowledge to produce patches. At most, I can generate a trace.

As a matter of fact, I tried an strace now and I discovered that gparted
started 52 children. I have been unable to locate where it tries to open a
menu, I have no idea how the function would be named.

I will now attempt a fresh reinstall from Build0300. I will comment on whatever
result here, and ask for assistance if needed on the mail list.


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