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[Bug 1043218] YaST crashes on installation of banshee
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  • Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2017 08:00:16 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Michael Andres <ma@xxxxxxxx> ---
@Lada: We can share or clone this bug. The UrlReplacer is in fact innocent.
It's our own code (zypper as well as yast and even in libzypp itself).:

In the crash above in yast-pkg-bindings/YRepo.h

zypp::MediaSetAccess_Ptr & YRepo::mediaAccess()
if (!_maccess)
y2milestone("Creating new MediaSetAccess for url %s",

We are used to the fact that repos _usually_ have at least one baseurl defined,
but this is not necessarily true. baseUrls may be empty!

We should check our code for occurrences of '*baseUrlsBegin()' and make sure
it's protected by 'baseUrlsEmpty()'. If appropriate (e.g. in messages) you can
also use RepoInfo::url():

* Pars pro toto: The first repository url
Url url() const
{ return( baseUrlsEmpty() ? Url() : *baseUrlsBegin()); }

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