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[Bug 939456] Tumbleweed installation USB key does not boot
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  • Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 13:15:09 +0000
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--- Comment #59 from H. Zeng <zhx@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Created attachment 725582
Partitian table of the USB stick made with the new `mksusecd` in Comment 56

This USB stick ***can boot*** the machine into installation screen.

This time I proceeded a little further:

1. I choose "Installation" to proceed to the "Language, Keyboard and Licence
Agreement" screen, then abort the installation. The machine then turns to the
***signal 11*** screen for 1 minute and reboots.

2. I boot the machine from the USB again and choose "More" -> "Rescue System"
and wait for the system to load. Before the green band on the bottom of the
screen could reach the end, the machine turns to the ***signal 11*** screen for
1 minute and reboots. (This is the same as described in comment 42 #4.)

(In reply to Steffen Winterfeldt from comment #58)
There are some issues:

1. the image mksusecd created in comment 42 4. should not lead to segfaults
If you mean the "*** signal 11 ***" problem, I think this is another issue
apart from this bug which is about the unbootable USB stick.

2. the image from comment 49 should work
I will try the same test of comment 49 after this comment to make sure there is
no glitch when did this before. Please note that this time you didn't include
the "--no-efi" parameter (TBH, I don't know whether this matters or not but you
said it doesn't).

3. and, _if_ 1. is supposed to work, why doesn't it work with the original
tw image?
I think this is the key point here. However, I do not know.

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