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[Bug 927677] some usb sticks require root password to mount
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  • Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 12:18:10 +0000
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--- Comment #40 from Thomas Blume <thomas.blume@xxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Rosanne DiMesio from comment #39)
Created attachment 725273 [details]
udevadm info -e

Since the investigation gets a bit confusing by now, lets summarize the
findings to better visualize the problem.
The dbus information shows:

HintAuto: false
HintSystem: true

This indicates a system disk and is obviously wrong for an usb stick.

The check for this is done in src/udiskslinuxblock.c:

/* Provide easy access to _only_ the following devices
* - anything connected via known local buses (e.g. USB or Firewire, MMC or
* - any device with removable media
* Be careful when extending this list as we don't want to automount
* the world when (inadvertently) connecting to a SAN.
if (drive != NULL)
const gchar *connection_bus;
gboolean removable;
connection_bus = udisks_drive_get_connection_bus (drive);
removable = udisks_drive_get_media_removable (drive);
if (removable ||
(g_strcmp0 (connection_bus, "usb") == 0 || g_strcmp0 (connection_bus,
"ieee1394") == 0) ||
(g_str_has_prefix (device_file, "/dev/mmcblk") || g_str_has_prefix
(device_file, "/dev/mspblk")))
hint_system = FALSE;
hint_auto = TRUE;

The property removable is set in the udev database as the udevadm -a output

looking at device

That means the the condition (drive != NULL) must be false.
Reason therefore is that the dbus drive object isn't found as stated in
The question is now, what is adding the drive objects to dbus?
Continuing the investigation in this direction.

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