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[Bug 1022114] Clementine doesn't generate moodbars
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2017 17:43:59 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Tristan Miller <psychonaut@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Dave Plater from comment #2)
As you have a development version of clementine installed

Really? I installed it from the openSUSE 13.2 multimedia repository at

I've reclassified
this bug. This version has runtime requirements that aren't native to 13.2.

Then why was it being distributed in what looks like the official 13.2
multimedia repository?

Building from source most
probably uses non system libraries or you have installed dependencies to
enable the git sources to build.

Maybe. I do have a few third-party repositories enabled, such as Packman, but
I'm not sure if anything required to build Clementine comes from them.

Installing from sources will affect the integrity of your system.

I didn't install from sources; I said only that I *built* from sources to see
if it also had the problem. For that test, I ran it directly from the build
directory. (But even if I had installed, I don't see how that could affect the
integrity of my system. AFAIK the only binaries Clementine installs are
$PREFIX/bin/clementine and $PREFIX/bin/clementine-tagreader. As long as I go
with the default $PREFIX of /usr/local, then these two files can't possibly
interfere with anything else on my system.)

Unfortunately 13.2 is old and unless you have very old 32 bit hardware, you
didn't specify your hardware, I would strongly suggest updating to Leap:42.2
which has the current version of clementine and the mood bar functions
correctly, I use clementine as my primary music player.
Please supply a screenshot of clementine with no mood bar.
Running clementine from the command line "clementine --verbose" and playing
a few seconds of a track then exiting and posting the output to this bug,
may help but updating to Leap:42.2 will solve your problem.

I had missed (or forgotten about) the announcement that 13.2 was being retired
this month. I'll upgrade to Leap and see if the problem is reproducible.

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