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[Bug 1020065] New: Stability deteriorating under Leap?
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 06:17:48 +0000
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Bug ID: 1020065
Summary: Stability deteriorating under Leap?
Classification: openSUSE
Product: openSUSE Distribution
Version: Leap 42.2
Hardware: x86-64
OS: openSUSE 42.2
Status: NEW
Severity: Normal
Priority: P5 - None
Component: Firefox
Assignee: bnc-team-mozilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reporter: Pemberton.John.M@xxxxxxxxx
QA Contact: qa-bugs@xxxxxxx
Found By: ---
Blocker: ---

Since Leap 42.1 it appears almost as though there have been more and more
visual problems, with Firefox, at least for me.

It seems as time has gone on, through more and more updates while using
Leap 42.1, and now having just installed 42.2, some of the visual aspects
seem to keep getting worse and worse. Other than the visual representation
of controls, I don't know that Firefox functionality has problems, other
than *maybe* some forms of flash keep crashing; I don't actually know
if that's an issue with Firefox or Flash.

Initially with Leap 42.1, if I tried to use e.g. Scriptish, the Scriptish
menu was practically all blank; there was menu related behavior, that is I
could move between menu items, but other than some menu item separator
lines, the menu was blank.

Occasionally some other controls which something tried to display from
Firefox, were mostly blank.

Now that I've done a fresh install of 42.2, not an update of Leap 42.1,
it seems that several controls of Firefox itself are routinely blank.
E.G. when I try downloads from various web sites, and I'm presented with
options as to how I wish to handle the download, although the text
describing the options is present, the actual check boxes or radio boxes,
are not visible.

If I click where I expect such a control might be, the choice is indeed
selected ( although not visibly ), and the associated functionality works

Even though I use a wide range of programs, so far I haven't noticed this
type of behavior with any other programs. I'm not using any special theme
with Firefox, just the default.

FWIW, even though I have no specific knowledge of the cause, thinking
through the other programs I run under Leap, nothing that uses the same
visual theme as Firefox leaps out at me ( no pun intended ), so I wouldn't
be surprised if some GUI building toolkit is used with Firefox, and I just
happen not to have used other programs built with the same toolkit
( or perhaps in the same way ), running under Leap.

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