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[Bug 1017533] Krusader left/right arrow behavior wrong: doesn't navigate columns but changes directory
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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2017 20:14:10 +0000
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--- Comment #9 from Wolfgang Bauer <wbauer@xxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Gennady Uraltsev from comment #7)
Sorry, I didn't want to pass off as disrespectful. It was an authentic
question: I was wondering if I should post the thing here or maybe somewhere

Sorry too, my reply was maybe a bit too harsh.

But I noticed this bug report a few hours earlier and planned to add the fix to
our packages in the evening.
Then after going through another dozens of bug reports (not all related to
KDE), I read your question, and somehow it seemed to imply to me an accusation
that we were just ignoring bug reports here...

I probably overreacted a bit.

I have no doubt that you know how to apply patches. I tried to be helpful by
making sure that the upstream commit can be applied to the version in Leap
42.2. I built the RPM on my system to check that there were no unintended
consequences and reported my findings here.

And that's fine and welcome.

But as I wrote, it doesn't really help to attach things here that are already
common knowledge (like how to modify the specfile, or a patch you provided a
link to anyway).

This was not meant as criticism, just a hint to save you unnecessary work in
the future.

I am not an expert coder but I often backport bugfixes from upstream into
rpms on my system. I was wondering how I could I be most useful for the
community with this skill. Any suggestions are welcome. I was not familiar
with branch and resubmit things on OBS.

You don't have to be an expert coder for that obviously, and you already did
(most of) the necessary work yourself anyway. (as another side-note, we do not
use the %changelog entry in the specfile anymore, each package has a separate
.changes file nowadays)

FYI, openSUSE packages are created/maintained in OBS:
You should be able to login there with the same credentials as here in

Further explanations would probably be out of scope of this bug report, but see
(most things can be done via the web interface too)

And there's the buildservice forum for further questions:

I'm only mentioning this in case your interested though, I do not expect you to
do this actually.

Obviously it is not "Major" at the level of the whole distribution. It does
however impact usability a lot for most use cases of krusader. One of the
primary features of this file manager is a high level of control using
keyboard alone (it is close to MC in this aspect).

I'm sure that bug annoyed you and it affects your workflow.
However, I still disagree that it is a "Major loss of function" (which is
implied by a severity of "Major", see even if one
considers krusader alone.
Brief view is not even the default, and that problem definitely doesn't make
krusader completely unusable as you put it.

Anyway, there's no point in discussing this point further IMNSHO, the fix is
submitted (it's already in Tumbleweed btw) and the severity of this bug report
doesn't influence the further 42.2 maintenance workflow at all...

Thanks for your report though!

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