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[Bug 977195] Some Indic fonts have broken bytecode
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  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 13:23:12 +0000
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--- Comment #15 from Petr Gajdos <pgajdos@xxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Werner Lemberg from comment #14)
. What you currently provide in
noarch/ is version 20140220-36.1; however, the previous version available
from this repository was 20140220-38.1, which is confusing. You should
definitely provide a more recent version number :-)

Hm, build number should not decrease in one repo, wasn't the 20140220-38.1 from
home:pgajdos? Anyway, I will bump version number.

. aakar-medium.ttf as distributed in your recent 36.1 package is older! It
identifies itself as 001.100, while 38.1 contains version 0.2 (you can see
that with `ftdump -n'). I suggest that you apply your script to the newer
font; it contains less characters, which is probably better.

That supports the idea that 38.1 was from home:pgajdos. I was using versions
from the github repo there. I had not merge it into M17N:fonts because I did
not know they have been improved there. If you think it is better, I will
update them from there again.

. I suggest that you improve your script so that it increases (or modifies)
the version entry in the `name' table, probably also adding a comment that
mentions the openSuSE modifications.

I can not easily increase version number in any way because I can not know
which version will upstream choose in case of new release. But the comment
about suse modifications looks reasonable to me.

. Rekha.ttf in 38.1 is replaced with Rekha-medium.ttf – note that we have
the same issue as with aakar: you should use the font with the newer version.

. A similar version problem occurs with padmaa-Bold.

If the fonts from github repos are really better, why not.

. The script doesn't work correctly for padmaa-Bold: I still get `jumping
digits'. I suggest that you remove bytecode from all characters *except*
the Indic ones.

Okay, will look at it.

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