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[Bug 872417] unstable btrfs and libvirt (KVM) cause kernel panic

--- Comment #2 from Peter Mulder <pomulder@xxxxxxxxx> 2014-04-08 23:18:01 UTC
must be a severe IO issue.
Performed again a new installation (dvd) OS 13.2 MS 0

1. attempt - initial use:
commands issued (yes, just these 4) within KDE bash-console:
su - root
yast2 & (to mount /myfs using partitioner)
cd /myfs/libiso
sha1sum win7a.iso
==> Kernel Panic: null pointer

2. attempt - after reboot:
commands issued within KDE bash-console:
su - root
cd /myfs/libiso (is XFS)
yast2 & (only to have some app running)
sha1sum win7a.iso
==> Killed (nothing more)
md5sum win7a.iso
==> Killed (nothing more)
cp win7a.iso win7a.iso.bkup
==> Killed (nothing more)
cd /tmp
cp /myfs/libiso/win7aa.iso .
==> Killed (nothing more)

every time when some 'heavy' io is involved, very serious issues.
heavy = reading and sometimes copying 3.2 GB (1 DVD image)

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