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[Bug 849752] 13.1RC2 Cannot boot from RAID1 volume(s)

Neil Brown <nfbrown@xxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #15 from Neil Brown <nfbrown@xxxxxxxx> 2013-11-27 05:17:37 UTC ---
Re comment 10, I found that using "--assemble .. --update=name --name=..."
did work providing I used that to change the names in all arrays other the '/'.
'/' doesn't need a new name as the initrd contains an mdadm.conf which has the
uuid of the array associated with /dev/md/root, is it gets assembled with that

So there are two ways to fix this, both require changes to the installer.

1/ Add "--homehost=any" to the command line used to create md arrays.
As an alternate, if the final hostname is know, --hostname=$HOSTNAME
could be used.

2/ create an /etc/mdadm.conf which lists all the array with their desired
names. After the arrays have been created, the command
mdadm -Ds >> /etc/mdadm.conf
will achieve this.

Making both of these changes would be acceptable and probably preferable.

If an install with the current DVD has completed and reboot has failed it can
be fixed by entering the root password to get a shell, then running

mdadm -Es >> /dev/mdadm.conf

Note that the command suggested for inclusion in the installed has "D", while
the command to run if reboot has failed has "E".

Arvin: I hope it is OK to re-assign this to you for completion. Thanks.

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