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[Bug 849751] 13.1/post-rc2, x64 (via dup) does not see pcie dual-nic (realtek based with plx pcie bridge) on certain pcie ports?

--- Comment #2 from andreas bittner <abittner@xxxxxxxxxxx> 2013-11-11 18:32:21
UTC ---
okay I am undecided yet, but I just took this system and installed (still
pending) a win7 x64 to it, and on initial first boot this system also only sees
the onboard realtek nic, as currently one of the additional dual-nic realtek
pcie cards is plugged into one of the pcie 16x slots.

so either this is some serious design flaw or firmware bug on asus side or
something else is wrong with me here :(

also, the colorful retail box of this mainboard as their website I think says,
that for PCIe 3.0 functionality one of those new FM2+ APU (GPU/CPU) needs to be
used, of course this FM2+ processor will only be released to retail public
market in january or february next year.

but then again I dont suppose that this mainboard or design does deactivate
those PCIe 16x slots completely so that only that one tiny PCIe 1x slot would
remain working, I suppose running current CPU/APU processors as I am doing
would then fallback the PCIe standard of all or most ports to the previous PCIe
2.x or whatever the exact terminology and revisions were.

I could probably plug in some additional GFX card into those PCIe 16x slots and
see if those turn up in lspci or in this Win7x64 test run, I might try that
just to make sure what the heck is wrong here

I am also running the latest bios that was up one or two days ago at asus site,
and now I am really wondering what on earth is wrong here.

Any ideas on this? Thank you.

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