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[Bug 812619] KDE color settings do not apply for all programs

--- Comment #7 from Christian Bachmaier <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2013-06-29 06:23:38 UTC ---
For root or user?

For user. I changed nothing for root or system wide.

We didn't have a special colorscheme with 12.2, so that couldn't occur.

Right, there was no special OpenSUSE scheme in 12.2, however, I could
successfully change between the 10 or so existing schemes without any problems.

Probably is difference between Oxygen and Oxygen Cold colorscheme too small to
be noticed

No, that is impossible. I tried all installed schemes and user defined colors,
and no success.

Settings applied system-wide can be found in /etc/kde4/share/config/
The colorscheme part is in kdeglobals file. If you move the file, does that

I removed it, and that did not help. Then I removed
~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals . That did help. Even copying
/etc/kde4/share/config/kdeglobals back (as this is a system file installed by
rpm) and restarting X was successful.


Maybe the reason is that I have an update installation from SUSE 12.2 ? I have
a second installation (Laptop) which has shown the same behavior. Attached you
can find my old ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals, maybe this can give any hints.

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